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The root concepts of Grow With Commercial can be traced back to 2002, when Jason started his Agency scratch (pure growth) without any assigned accounts. At that time, the company had placed a moratorium on homeowners insurance and about two weeks before his opening day, they announced that auto insurance would be going non-bind, as well. Out of sheer necessity to survive during this tumultuous time, Jason turned to commercial insurance. Learning as he went, through multiple avenues, including forming a strong relationship with his Commercial Field Underwriter (now referred to as a BUS), experimentation, trial & error, thousands of cold calls, countless business walks and often times, sheer will and persistence, he laid the groundwork for what would become the foundation of his agency, as well as, the core concepts of Grow With Commercial.

Once the homeowners insurance moratorium was lifted and we were able to bind auto insurance again, he never looked back and continued to focus on commercial insurance based on the significant revenue results and overall opportunity. This became the foundation and focus of his agency, and continues to be up until this day.

Jason has consistently been, and remains one of the top commercial insurance agents in the company, year after year. He has mentored and trained multiple interns, team members and peer agents who have become extremely successful, produced extraordinary results and continue to be leaders in the commercial insurance space. If you have the desire to be engaged in and win in the commercial insurance market, whether you’re a brand new TICA or a veteran tenured agent, you and your staff will benefit tremendously by learning and implementing these concepts. They will save you years of time, thousands of dollars and enable you to produce high level results immediately.

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Grow With Commercial Workshop tuition is $999 for the first attendee from each agency, and $499 per additional attendee. Accepted methods of payment include: cash, check, and credit card. Any future classes for anyone from the same agency (including new attendees or refreshers for alumni) are $499 per person.

Please note that full payment of tuition is required in order to reserve and secure your seat in any workshop. By nature, seating is limited and is on a first come, first reserved basis, so for your convenience, please reserve your seat in advance.