What Others are Saying...

Jason Hobbs has been my go to guy for anything commercial that I’m having trouble with. Over the years I’ve learned that if anyone can help me get a piece of commercial business written it’s Jason. So many times I thought I was dead in the water with a new piece of business, only to be pleasantly surprised to actually be getting it written after some insightful guidance from Jason. I’m very excited that Jason is finally going to be sharing all his hard won expertise on writing huge amounts of Fire premium… This is exactly what I’ve been needing.
Dave Yarbrough
Agent - Huntington Beach, CA
I have been with State Farm for over 30 years and I have never seen anybody have the long-term success with Commercial Insurance like Jason. His approach is strategic, systematic, and best of all…drives revenue and results. Jason has built a wildly successful agency on his ability to master the commercial insurance game…
John Markwith
Agent - Huntington Beach, CA