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What is Grow With Commercial?

Grow With Commercial is a one day, interactive workshop that empowers participants to immediately and effectively play in the highly profitable commercial insurance space. The workshop distills nearly two decades of knowledge and experience into a hands-on learning experience, focused on transforming and maximizing the captive agency opportunity through leveraging our proven systematic approach. It equips you and your team with tools and techniques that will enable you to go back to the office and begin to Grow With Commercial, the very next day.

Why Now?​

In the last few years, we’ve all felt the impact of several major, unprecedented shifts in our core business. Hyper-aggressive competition, coupled with massive challenges in Personal Lines Auto have further commoditized the product, marginalized our value as agents and materially affected our ability to grow and profit. Many agents are currently struggling to grow, spending more and more money on marketing and leads and still not getting bottom line growth and profitability results. By learning to Grow With Commercial, you can take control and permanently break this cycle, not only by writing BIGGER PREMIUMS, but by diversifying your income streams, stabilizing your business and insulating your agency for the long-term.


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Why Grow With Commercial?

Grow With Commercial positions you to compete where we’re most COMPETITIVE, most VALUED and where the most potential REVENUE exists. While year after year, Personal Lines Insurance continues to become more commoditized and our roles further marginalized in the eyes of the consumer, Commercial Insurance continues to be seen as more and more complicated. Due to its perceived complexity, it totally aligns with who we are and what we offer as agents, by presenting a unique value proposition for our advice and ongoing service.

Just Look at the Numbers...​